Call for Attendance


Second Workshop of the Series:

Social Complexity, Emergence and Institutions 

13rd September, 2013

Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, Manchester Business School
University of Manchester, UK

Call for Attendance / Participation

The ESRC-funded Constructed Complexities Network invites applications to a one-day workshop exploring the relationships between complexity and institutionalist perspectives in social science (particularly but not only in economics and political science/policy studies), as part of its broader programme of building a bridge between complexity and other meta-theories, including social constructionism.

Speakers and discussants will include:

Prof Peter Allen (Cranfield University)

Prof Stan Metcalfe (University of Manchester)

Prof Robert Geyer (University of Lancaster)

Prof Frank Geels (University of Manchester)

Prof Nigel Gilbert (University of Surrey)

Prof Bruce Edmonds (Manchester Metropolitan University)

We aim to have a loosely structured format with a small number of longer and shorter presentations followed by a response from a discussant, plus as much round-table discussion as possible around the key question of the workshop. (We will post more information about the programme here, at in due course.)

We invite those interested in attending and participating in the discussion to send a short biographical note and a brief explanation of their interest in the theme of the workshop and motivation to contribute (300-400 words). Attendance will be free of charge but we wish to limit the number of participants to maximise the chances of productive interaction so registration via this application process will be essential. Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. We particularly encourage applications from early-career researchers, for whom some travel support may be available (please indicate if you wish to be considered for support).

To make an application to attend, please contact:

If you are unable to attend the workshop, but would like to participate in the debate, you can contribute to this project blog.


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