The project involves 3 workshops. The workshops will provide an opportunity for up to 40 participants to hold intensive discussions over ontological and epistemological issues in order to clarify commonalities and differences between contemporary meta-theories in social sciences. The workshops will also aim to propose research approaches and methods that are suitable for linking different streams of research and demonstrate how researchers in different streams can benefit from these connections.

The workshops will each consist of four parts: an opening lecture, seminar presentations, a group-work and a panel discussion. The opening lecture will be given by a senior scholar and will provide a historical and theoretical overview of the subject. The seminar presentations will reflect the current state of methodological debates and exemplify new methodological ideas. The group-work will involve discussions around a pre-defined question. Through these discussions the groups will aim to elaborate on different aspects of the question in hand and identify potential collaborations. The panel discussions will aim to clarify the key arguments that emerge during the workshop, possible conflicts and resolutions. The participants will be encouraged to present collaborative works that are initiated during the workshop at the final conference.


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