Stan’s Reading List

Professor Stan Metcalfe participated in our second workshop as one of our contributors and suggested the following readings about complexity related to economic processes.

If you have already read some of these, please let us know what you think. If you are planning to read them now, why not put your notes into an Info Note (a pager) and share with us?

On Social Complexity, Emergence and Institutions:

Arthur, B., 2013, ‘Complexity Economics: a Different Framework for Economic Thought’, SFI Working Paper 2013-04-012. Santa Fe Institute.

Foster, J., 2005. From Simplistic to Complex Adaptive Systems in Economics. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 29, 873-892.

Foster J, and Metcalfe J.S., 2012, ‘Economic Emergence: An Evolutionary Economic Perspective’, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation, Vol.82, pp.420-432.

Loasby, B., 2001, “Time, Knowledge and Evolutionary Dynamics: Why Connections Matter”, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Vol. 11(4), pp. 393-412.

J.S. Metcalfe, 2010, ‘Complexity and Emergence in Economics: the Road from Smith to Hayek (via Marshall and Schumpeter), History of Economic Ideas, Vol,13 (2), pp.45-76.

J.S. Metcalfe 2013, ‘Restless Capitalism’, Journal of Evolutionary Economics,  (online).

Potts J, 2001, “Knowledge and Markets”, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Vol. 11(4), pp. 412-432.


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