(in alphabetical order)

Didem Buhari-Gülmez

Didem Buhari-Gülmez has recently finished her PhD in Politics and International Relations at the University of London. She will start her Early Career Research fellowship in Social Sciences at Oxford Brookes University in October 2013. Didem has a BSc in International Relations at Middle East Technical University and a MSc by Research in Politics at the University of Edinburgh. She was a Jean Monnet fellow at Paris Institute for Strategic and International Relations in 2005 and a Research Assistant in International Relations at Istanbul Ticaret University in 2006. She has published in International Political Sociology, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Journal of Southeast and Black Sea Studies, Turkish Yearbook of International Relations and New Global Studies on a range of topics including globalization, Europeanization,Turkey-European Union Relations and the European Union’s global actorness.  Her post-doctoral research interests include: global system, World polity School of sociological institutionalism, European Union’s global actorness, state recognition processes, and politics and society in Kosovo, Crimea and Cyprus. Didem is founding co-editor of ChangingTurkey.com.

Bruce Edmonds

Bruce Edmonds is the Director of the Centre for Policy Modelling, and a Senior Research Fellow of the Manchester Metropolitan University.  His first degree was in Mathematics and his PhD in the Philosophy of Science.  He is located somewhere between the fields of: distributed computer science, social science, and philosophy.  He is “interested in too many things for his own good” but generally focuses on agent-based social simulation.  Recent focuses include: context, simulating science, developing a staged abstraction approach to modelling, and bridging the gap between narrative data and micro-level behavioural rules.  For more information about him, see: http://bruce.edmonds.name.

George Thomas

George M. Thomas (Ph.D. Sociology, Stanford University) is Professor of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University.  He studies world cultural (termed global rationalism) processes: their constitutive effects on authority, identity, and rational actorhood; the political processes of global civil society, states, and localities; and the embeddedness of norms, identities, and action in world institutional (cultural) structures.  A current study examines documents of international organizations as cultural texts to understand how they explain or give account of disasters and chronic failures.  One substantive focus of his research is on religion and religious rights in world society.  He studies how religious people engage an everyday life shaped by global rationalism, and currently is exploring the emergence of “new religious orthodoxies” – religious movements that are neither liberal nor fundamentalist.  Ongoing research examines contentions over religious rights in different sites:  debates in the UN, conflicts over national policies including religion in schools, and decisions of international courts.

Professor Thomas is co-editor of Constructing World Culture: International Nongovernmental Organizations Since 1875 (with John Boli, Stanford University Press), and is author of Revivalism and Cultural Change (University of Chicago Press).  He has published in the American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, International Political Sociology, Journal of Human Rights, and Journal of Civil Society.


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