Disciplines are a mistake and markets are not magic!

In his presentation at the second Constructed Complexities workshop Professor Peter Allen argues disciplines are a mistake. According to Peter, “Disciplines represent a current (or, more probably, outdated) view of some ‘components’ of reality.”  Peter also elaborates on social complexity of markets and organisations, pointing out markets are “theatres of learning not optimality” and organisations emerge partly as “bundles of technical, social and institutional practices“. You can find detailed examples of such practices in manufacturing sector in Peter’s slides.


Stan’s Reading List

We had a great day at Manchester. Our second workshop initiated deep and inspiring thoughts and discussions on politics, economics complexity and meta-theories in social science. We will post notes from yesterday’s workshop on this blog, starting with Professor Stan Metcalfe’s reading list, which you can find here.

Discussion Notes on Institutions and Rationality



We are ready and excited for our second workshop which will take place at Manchester this week!


Meanwhile, the notes of one of our discussion sessions during the first workshop in June is now ready. Our discussion was on rationality and institutions and you can find the notes here or download the pdf with some further issues and questions here. These notes are our joint outputs where we start opening up alternative conceptualisations of both institutions and rationality and discuss how these relate to each other.


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Second Workshop

The call for the second workshop of the project is now ready and you can find it here. The workshop is entitled Social Complexity, Emergence and Institutions and we are very lucky to have several eminent scholars who will be contributing our discussions on the links and gaps between social complexity and institutions. The workshop is free of charge but we have limited places available, so if you want to attend, apply as soon as possible.

Bruce Edmonds’ slides

Bruce Edmonds gave a very interesting talk entitled ‘Context-dependency and the development of social institutions’  at the first Constructed Complexities workshop on 21 June 2013 at Surrey University. You can access  Bruce’s slides following this link.

Save the date for the second workshop!

The second Constructed Complexities workshop will take place at Manchester University on 13 September 2013. The workshop will investigate the links and gaps between complexity theory and institutional approaches and the opening lecture of the workshop will be given by Professor Stan Metcalfe.  We will distribute the call for participation shortly. For now, please save the date for joining us in this very interesting lecture.

Meanwhile, our blog is continuing to capture interest around the world. We have now reached over 3,500 views across 58 countries. Keep your Info Notes, Debate Notes and comments coming so that together we can answer the difficult questions that the project raises.