Rationality and Nationality



We are continuing to upload slides of the amazing talks we had at the fourth workshop with Gerhard Schnyder‘s slides. Based on their joint work with Julien Etienne, Gerhard presents a synthetic review of historical institutionalism, goal framing theory and varities of capitalism approach for making sense of agency and rationality within the historical accounts of institutions. Through the case of Swiss bankers making a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ not to sell Swiss shares to foreign investors in 1960’s, he demonstrates that even bankers do not necessarily always act upon their individual interests. Their interpretation of national identity mattered in this case at least as much as their ‘rationality’, if we were to  define rationality in a very limited sense around pecuniary gains.

You can find Gerhard’s slides below. Please let us know what you think.


The image by Fabio Rose used above is made available with the courtesy of https://unsplash.com/

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