Historical Institutionalism, Thatcherite Legacy and Crime

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 15.50.57

Stephen Farrall’s presentation at the fourth workshop will use historical institutionalism to investigate development of Thatcherite ideas and how they continued to affect social and political construction of criminal justice policy even after Thatcher’s time in office. By outlining main element of 1982-98 criminal justice legislation, popular attitudes towards crime and crime data, Stephen explains that key institutions, ideas and social actors all helped shaping imprisonment in England and Wales.

You can find Stephen’s paper co-authored with Emily Gray, Will Jennings and Colin Hay at this link.

If you want to attend the workshop, write a short email to Ozge Dilaver (o.dilaver@surrey.ac.uk) or Amy Woodward (a.woodward@surrey.ac.uk) explaining your research interests and how you can benefit from the workshop. The workshop is free of charge and there are (limited) travel support you can apply for. There are limited places in the workshop and they will be allocated on first come first served basis among scholars with relevant research interests. Early career researchers will be prioritised for travel support. 

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