Bruce Edmonds’ slides

Bruce Edmonds gave a very interesting talk entitled ‘Context-dependency and the development of social institutions’  at the first Constructed Complexities workshop on 21 June 2013 at Surrey University. You can access  Bruce’s slides following this link.

One thought on “Bruce Edmonds’ slides

  1. I wondered as I read about scale. There seems to be a bias towards the micro-social, something Michelle Battle-Fisher talked about in her post on Giddens. It’s an important level, especially given the bottom-up agent-based bias of many of us including myself. And the various takes on it so far also merit discussion for the issues they raise.

    But how do we get from micro-social to institution, both in terms of prior historical conditions and the subsequent shape of history that follows institutional emergence? There are ideas in this and previous posts to feed an answer. The emergence of distributed schema that signal institutional identity but at the same time retain flexibility in their instantiation is one example here. But, for example, how do we get from Jobs and Wozniak in 1976 to Apple today? Or, because I just saw von Trotta’s recent movie on Hannah Arendt, highly recommended, how do we get from a few guys in the German Worker’s Party meeting in Munich beer halls in 1919 to the Third Reich? And are they–Apple and the Third Reich–organizations or institutions? Or maybe organization to institution is another step in the movement of micro-social networks up the levels of scale?

    So much to talk about, so little time.

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